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Living The Game

During pre-game programming yesterday were stories of people who had written letters to win tickets to the Super Bowl. A gal who fell in love with football because The Patriots gave her renewed confidence in herself. Their stories were moving; Similar to the abandoned animal commercial with the Sara McLaughlin song. But was I moved, or was I jealous? I was! I was jealous! Because good people with touching stories won four thousand dollar tickets and a trip to New York for the Super Bowl. (It wouldn't sound so great if they had won a trip to New Jersey.)

In the midst of endless surgeries and procedures last year, I spent countless hours watching TV. Reality shows began forming abscessed blisters in my brain. I needed something new. Something interesting.

It happened on Thanksgiving weekend. The Alabama/Auburn game. When Auburn perform a miracle. Although I knew very little about football, it was clear as day I had just witnessed the magic that comes with the game. In one last second, when no one thought they could possibly win. When fans were packing up to head home, the play that rocked their world, rocked mine too. I was hooked.

These last two years have made me question many things in life. Why did I lose the use of my legs for a year? Will my spine ever be free from pain? Will I ever walk normally again? Who am I now that I'm not myself? Are others packing up to head home?

I realized that those Auburn players didn't show up expecting a miracle. But they showed up. They went to practice, built their strength. Listened to their coach who believed in them. And kept moving forward. It was the consistency of preparation and commitment that made the miracle possible for them to be ready for that moment when the Earth stood still. When one second transformed their lives, and affected memories of fans around the country.

I am no longer asking for a miracle. Instead I watch football like I listen to our pastor; Focussing on the nuance of every play and how it could affect the game.

I am no longer envious of those who won tickets to the Super Bowl. Someday I too will sit in those stands and sip $11 hot chocolate and $15 beer. Not together of course. But until then, Life is the game. It's a game to be lived and breathed no matter what it may look like to others, or what its outcome might be.

The season ends for now. Maybe next year I will write a letter and some other mother of four with wheels under her legs will be jealous of me, for simply living her dream.

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Reader Comments (1)

What an incredibly beautiful post. I too love football and have watched all 5 of my boys play. Football is 2+ hours of moments, highs and lows; a fast forward of life if you will. It's the moments all rolled together. One special miracle, no matter how small, which makes you realize The Lord is right there, holding you in the midst of trials. He may not always answer the way we expect or want but He always answers. My prayer for you is that you are filled to overflowing with the Loord's peace, comfort, love and healing miracles daily. He has a good plan for your life. You are an amazing example of strength and faith. Continue to shine the light of Christ in you on all those around you. God Bless!!!

February 4, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterLisa Petrarca

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