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A Request For Tom Cruise This Veterans Day

Gotta say, I know production crews work hard. I've seen Don at the end of twenty hour days so I don't take anything away from crews. But I challenge Tom Cruise to live on an outpost with random fire every day. With no connection to loved ones or private jets to whisk him away.

I look at our warriors who have lost their limbs - When no one paid them the arm or the leg to stand amongst real men.

Tom Cruise. You live in a world not worthy of those who stand guard to protect your rights. It is a world bathed in mirrors, where you can see only yourself in the eyes of others. Where battles are with tabloids and small minds. You live in a world so small there is no room for valor or Purple Hearts that beat when lives are crushed. It is a place run by machines with dollar signs, and the fleeting reality that what you accomplish each day will be forgotten with the next flippant slight.

Real men leave marks. They march to protect so others have the right to see the moments you say you die for each day on the screen.

I do not know you. But I know you are human, and the words you spoke may have slipped. But in a hero's world there is no room for err. No lawyers to catch their words as they fall on bombs beneath their feet. There is no team to deflect fear from their child's sleep. And when they return from a war that is real, the bombs still burst when your war has turned to tea.

Real men cannot see their families for months to years on end. They miss births and deaths and all of the things you can schedule your war around. I am sure you mis-spoke, this is just a request to return to solid ground.

Tom Cruise, you have an image that flickers in my mind. I remember when you danced in underwear when I was only nine. It's good to see you have grown into a man with children of your own to lead. But please Tom Cruise, leave the real war to the ones who truly bleed.

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wow. what did tommy boy say now? he's a pocket full of blunders, that one.

November 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLisa Jey Davis

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